I’ve been out out! 

First night out post baby…done! 

When Big said his work do would include an all expenses hotel stay and meal, I thought Christmas had come early. I love my girl but a night away wth some sleep is my idea of heaven.

We have been away for a night since she was born to a spa, but I haven’t been on a proper night out so I was looking forward to having a bit of fun.

Little decided to come over all poorly that morning, so I was worried we’d not be able to go. After some Calpol, cuddles, milk and plenty of water she perked up and I felt much better about leaving her for a sleepover with Grandma, Grandad and Auntie S. 
We got to our hotel and found one of those fancy towel sculpture things on the bed. 

All I could think was that it looked very phallic. Something which Big helped to demonstrate! 

We were treated to drinks in the hotel then went off to a restaurant for a meal. The meal was at 9pm and I felt like a granny thinking that it was far too late to eat, because let’s face it I’m usually in bed by then! 

I don’t do well with too much to drink and I end up with hangovers from hell, so I was determined to be sensible. I had fun, had wine and cocktails, but had lots of water too so managed to wake up hangover free. I can’t say the same for Big who is currently snoring next to me! 

I left him in the hotel bar and disappeared off to bed before midnight like Cinderella. 

It was a lovely night, being Becky and not Mum. I got to have adult conversation, though granted plenty of it was kid related, and we had fun as husband and wife. 

It made me realise how important it is for us to get out together and get out of the baby bubble. I’ll definitely be making sure we plan more nights out next year, though not too many as we’re not in our 20’s any more! It also made me realise the importance of water – drink lots of it, it’s magic stuff! 

Do you plan date nights? How often do you find yourself getting out child free? 

Little Big Love 

Becky xx


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