#blogtober16 Day 13 {What’s in my Fridge}

Well, this is an interesting one as, if you ask my sister, she’d say nothing because we live like students! And in all honesty, she’s not far wrong!

Big and I are really lazy when it comes to shopping and cooking. We tend to decide what we want on the day, pop off to the shop, buy the ingredients and usually throw some other bits in the basket too. Take last night as an example, Big headed out to the shop to buy the ingredients for cheesy Nachos at 8.30pm because we got peckish as we’d not planned something proper for tea. He came back with the ingredients plus a cheesecake and chocolate that we definitely didn’t need! 

One thing I had sworn when I became pregnant was that we’d get our sh*t together with food, so that we could bring Little up eating healthily. So far I’ve relied mainly on Ella’s Kitchen pouches, as I know they are healthier than most things I could make her. Her favourite at the moment is their Veggie Lasagne. Don’t get me wrong, she does have fresh fruits and veg purees made by me occasionally, along with toast, pancakes and other bits of food that she can hold, but nowhere near as often as I’d like. I’m so far from the housewife and mum I dreamed of being.

I’d love some tips on how to be more organised!

Who else neglects their fridge and oven? Is it just me who dreams of being the perfect housewife but falls seriously short?

Little Big Love

Becky xx


8 thoughts on “#blogtober16 Day 13 {What’s in my Fridge}

  1. We don’t meal plan but I do think about meals we might have over the course of a week and I buy the ingredients for them – we then have a quick chat about what we fancy that night, before hubby goes to work in the morning. He then usually gets the meat component out of the freezer before he leaves so that it’s defrosted in time for us to cook. I use the tesco app (sometimes Sainsbury’s) and I usually add things to my basket throughout the week, then have it delivered on a Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon (as these are the cheaper times). I find we spend less doing it this way as there’s fewer ‘ooh that looks nice’ purchases! #Blogtober16

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  2. I make a meal plan for the whole month. So for example yesterday I sat down with the laptop and wrote down what we are going to eat for tea each night. Then I figure out I need two Morrisons deliveries so I rewrite out a list of what I need for each delivery (one on 1st November and one on the 15th). I add everything I need for the first list into the app and keep the other list incase things need adding in the meantime.

    To be able to stick to it is hard at first. We used to be just like you and eat whatever was quick and easy…mainly takeaways. But once you start doing it as a habit it becomes natural. We have the meal plan pinned on the kitchen cupboard so we can cross it off. We also have a takeaway night on a friday as a treat so we know we have something to look forward to.

    I just hope it lasts when I go back to work. We had bad habits for years before D came along and it’s mainly due to being tired/stressed after work.

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