#blogtober16 Day 6 {My favourite birthday present}

This time last year I thought I had the best birthday present lined up! 

My due date for Little was the day after my birthday so in my head I was convinced she’d come on my actual birthday. 

For some reason I thought that would be a good birthday present, but after going through labour I realise it would have been terrible! Little obviously realised that she didn’t want to put me through that on my special day, and decided that she didn’t want to share a birthday, so she did something drastic. 

Little decided she wanted to be born 12 weeks early! I managed to cross my legs and keep her in (well it was a little more medical than that) for another week before she wouldn’t wait any longer.

My lovely Little born at 29 weeks. Weighing the same as a bag of sugar. My birthday present that couldn’t wait! 

What is your favourite present you’ve been given? 

Little Big Love

Becky xx


2 thoughts on “#blogtober16 Day 6 {My favourite birthday present}

  1. What a fantastic birth story. I love it! I was supposed to be born on my Mum’s birthday but was early too. Only 5 days though so not as dramatic. My sister was due round my Dad’s birthday but came three weeks late. We always joke that neither of us wanted to share a birthday.


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