#blogtober16 Day 4 {a secret} 

I was wracking my brains for a secret that I could actually share publicly until I realised that I had a big secret this time last year! 

I was pregnant with Little and at this point it wasn’t common knowledge. When we did tell people there was a little secret we shared with them too. She was conceived through IVF. 

To those in the Instagram community it wasn’t actually a secret as I’d been very open about it once I found a group of women with shared experiences. I also did a series of posts about it on my old blog

IVF can be a taboo subject that people don’t want to open up about but for me I wanted to talk about it. I loved finding others who had been/were going through it as it gave me hope. My Instgram account is now my online diary of what we went through and once Ivy was born I shared it with family and friends so they could see what our journey had been like. 

I will forever be grateful for how amazing medical science is, and how Ivy was conceived won’t be a secret from her. She’ll know that some amazing Doctors and Nurses helped make her and how much she was wanted. 

The very first picture of Little

Little was made with lots of love and a little bit of science. 

What little secrets are you proud of? 

Little Big Love

Becky xx


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