#blogtober16 Day 3 {If I won the lottery}

The big question that everyone always talks about. Houses, cars, holidays, etc… But what would you really do? 

First and foremost I’d run around the house screaming that I’d won the lottery. Then I’d calm down, crack open a bottle of prosecco and get planning! 

I don’t really have massive ideas and would be pretty boring. That maybe says more about me than I’d like but I’d pay off our mortgage and car loans and then share a bit (not too much mind you) of money around my family. 

I’m not really adventurous so wouldn’t go travelling the world but since our honeymoon I’d love to return to New York, taking enough money to shop big! Little is too small at the moment but Disney would have to be on the cards too! 

I always used to say I wouldn’t give up my job and I’d love normally but who am I kidding? I’d be out the door like Roadrunner and the  I’d probably go crazy buying lots of things I’ve always wanted. Mulberry handbag anyone? 

Maybe I should start buying a ticket every week? 

What would you do? 

Little Big Love

Becky xx


4 thoughts on “#blogtober16 Day 3 {If I won the lottery}

  1. Like you, id be far too sensible/practical to start with, but it would be great to be mortgage free! I’d love to travel but that probably wouldn’t happen for a while with little EJ. I guess my indulgence would be some sort of zippy little sporty car! Of course that’s assuming I won a lot. If not such a lot then I’d probably go find a desigual shop and buy up loads of clothes!


    1. I think I’d buy a huge Range Rover instead of a little sports car! Think it’s little person syndrome as I’m so small I’d love a huge car 🙂 Ooh lots of clothes sound great. I’ll be dreaming of lotto wins tonight!


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